Gourmet pre-cooked products for
Restaurants and Food Service professionals

We offer a wide range of cooking solutions using meat as well as a variety of sauces and garnishes mainly aimed at Hotels, Restaurants and Caterings

Local, high quality
raw materials

We work with local products to ensure the highest quality of the meat and vegetables used

Long vacuum cooking processes to ensure
Soft and Tender textures

We apply cooking processes at a controlled temperature in order to preserve all the flavours and nutrients of raw materials

Food security and strict
Quality control and traceability

We apply strict quality control processes to ensure the highest food security of our products

Meet our

assambly kitchen

Discober the benefits our products for your professional kitchen.

Cooking Solutions

Our products are designed as cooking solutions to expedite and simplify the work of professional kitchens. Our value is based on the developement of long and laborius cooking processes.

Soft and Tender textures

We apply vacuum cooking processes at controlled low temperature to get very tender and mellow textures, keeping the properties of the raw material and all its flavor.

High Quality and Proximity

We work with high quality raw materials and we source ourselves by confidence suppliers because we look for the best products for our preparations.

Reduction of time and wastes

Our products are designed to avoid wastes, there is no manipulation beyond regeneration and presentation. They have a yield of 100%.

Stock control

The cooking solutions of VACinBAG allow an easy controll of the stock because are presented in confortables formats with a large date of expiry.

Customized solutions

We put all the knowledge and enthusiasm of our team to serve customers to develop customized cooking solutions.

Look at our range of
Gastronomic Convenience Food

We offer products of meat, sauces, vegetables and tapas.


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