Gourmet pre-cooked products for
Restaurants and Food Service professionals

We offer a wide range of cooking solutions using meat as well as a variety of sauces and garnishes mainly aimed at Hotels, Restaurants and Caterings

Local, high quality
raw materials

We work with local products to ensure the highest quality of the meat and vegetables used

Long vacuum cooking processes to ensure
Soft and Tender textures

We apply cooking processes at a controlled temperature in order to preserve all the flavours and nutrients of raw materials

Food security and strict
Quality control and traceability

We apply strict quality control processes to ensure the highest food security of our products

Getting to know

our specialized kitchen

Discover the benefits of our 5th range products for your professional kitchen

Gastronomic solutions

Our products are gastronomic solutions designed to streamline and simplify the work of professional kitchens. We provide value by taking care of the long and laborious cooking processes.

Textures tendres i meloses

Seguim processos de cocció al buit i a baixa temperatura per aconseguir textures molt tendres i meloses, mantenint les propietats del producte i tot el seu sabor.

Maximum quality and proximity

We work with high quality raw materials and we supply suppliers of our confidence, because we look for the best product for our elaborations.

Reducing costs and waste

Our products have no wastage, are designed so that there is no manipulation beyond regeneration and presentation. They have a yield of 100%

Easy stock control

VACinBAG gastronomic solutions allow a careful control of the stock, are presented in formats that are comfortable and long expiration dates.

Custom solutions

We put all the knowledge and enthusiasm of our team serving clients to develop customized solutions and exclusive, and respond to any need.

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A team of professionals at your service

We work every day, with passion and dedication, to provide solutions to our customers; because your satisfaction is our letter.

VACinBAG – Cooking Solutions is a company that engaged in the development of 5th range gourmet products for restaurant professionals.

We offer products based on meat, sauces and side dishes; High-cuisine gourmet products designed to streamline and facilitate the work of cooks, and provide value in the management of professional kitchens.

Our gastronomic solutions are oriented to the configuration of complete dishes, preparing tapas or to be applied as a commodity dishes that can be customized differently for every cook.

We are a team of professionals specialized in gastronomy and management, we work closely with our customers in order to provide solutions through our products.

VACinBAG is a young and dynamic team, open to innovation without losing the sense of tradition.

We encouraged the continued work and cooperative with our customers, making gastronomy an element of union and experience.

We work every day, with passion and dedication, to provide solutions to our customers; because your satisfaction is our letter.

  • Marta Ribatallada

Marta Ribatallada
Chief Commercial Officer

Our public face! Enthusiast of personal treatment. Marta is who brings our kitchen closer to customers and the main person to contact.

  • Roger Redondo

Roger Redondo
Chief executive

The inspiration in the kitchen! Chief and passionate about gastromomy. Roger is who translates the ideas into flavors and these in gastronomic solutions for our clients.

  • Amadeu Clapés

Amadeu Clapés
Chief Product Officer

The comprehensive control! Expert in food safety management, Amadeu is responsible for all matters relating to the production, follows the development plans.

  • Roser Ventayol

Roser Ventayol
Chief Financial Officer

The internal gear! Organized and methodical, Roser is responsible for the internal gear of our company is in perfect condition.

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