Gourmet pre-cooked products for
Restaurants and Food Service professionals

We offer a wide range of cooking solutions using meat as well as a variety of sauces and garnishes mainly aimed at Hotels, Restaurants and Caterings

Local, high quality
raw materials

We work with local products to ensure the highest quality of the meat and vegetables used

Long vacuum cooking processes to ensure
Soft and Tender textures

We apply cooking processes at a controlled temperature in order to preserve all the flavours and nutrients of raw materials

Food security and strict
Quality control and traceability

We apply strict quality control processes to ensure the highest food security of our products

Getting to know
our assembly kitchen

Discover the benefits of our products for your own professional kitchen

Cooking Solutions

Our products have been designed as cooking solutions in order to expedite and simplify the work done in the professional kitchens. Our value is based on the developement of long and laborious cooking processes.

Soft and Tender textures

We apply vacuum cooking processes at a controlled low temperature in order to achieve tender and mellow textures, as well as keeping the qualities of every food item and maintaining its own peculiar flavour.

Local and high quality raw materials

We work with high quality raw materials and we source ourselves by trustworthy suppliers because we aim to get the best product in our cooking preparations.

Reduction in terms of waste and time

Our products have been designed to avoid any waste and have been conceived with no need of added manipulation besides its restoration and packaging presentation. Our products have the highest performance, reaching 100% of its value.

Exhaustive stock control

VACinBAG cooking solutions allow an easy control of the stock because they are offered in convenient formats with long expiry dates.

Customized solutions

Our team’s best knowledge and enthusiasm is offered to our customers in order to develop exclusive and customized cooking solutions as well as to deal satisfactorily with any need.

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A professional team at your service

We work every day with great passion and dedication to provide solutions to our customers because your satisfaction is our best reference.

VACinBAG Cooking Solutions is a company engaged in gourmet pre-cooked products for food service professionals.

We offer a wide range of cooking solutions using meat as well as a variety of sauces and garnishes, and also gourmet haute cuisine products designed to ease the work of chefs and add value to the management of professional kitchens.

Our cooking solutions are focused on preparing complete main courses as well as tapas or may also be applied as products that can be customized in a different way by every cook. We are a team of  cooking professionals highly specialized in gastronomy and management, closely working with our customers so as to offer the best solutions throughout our products.

VACinBAG is a young and dynamic team, open to innovation but without losing any sense of tradition. We are deeply involved in our job and we are eager to work together with our customers, making the  art of cuisine a common experience. We are proud to say that we are working day by day with passion and dedication in order to provide the best solutions to our customers because your satisfaction is our best reference.


  • Marta Ribatallada

Marta Ribatallada
Sales Manager

Projects the image of our company. Easy to get on with, Marta transmits our cooking solutions to our customers and she is the person you shouldn’t miss to contact with at the company.

  • Roger Redondo

Roger Redondo
Executive Chef

The inspiration in the kitchen! Chef and passionate about gastronomy, Roger is the person who translates ideas into flavours and these into cooking solutions for our customers.

  • Roser Ventayol

Roser Ventayol
Finance Manager

The internal gear! Organized and methodical, Roser is the person responsible for making sure that all internal parts of the company run perfectly well.

  • Amadeu Clapés

Amadeu Clapés
Production Manager

Here comes rigorous control! Food security expert and a professional in management, Amadeu is the person responsible for keeping everything related to production at a good pace.

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