What is VACinBAG Cooking Solutions?

VACinBAG Cooking Solutions is a company engaged in gourmet pre-cooked products for food service professionals. We offer a wide range of cooking solutions using meat as well as a variety of sauces and garnishes, which have been vacuum packed at a controlled temperature.

Which are our target customers?

Our products are aimed at the food service professionals in hotels, restaurants, banqueting halls and caterings.

What is the added value of our products?

We  are working together in order to provide food service  professionals with high quality products that allow them  to work not only easily and effectively in the kitchen by means of diminishing waste and cooking times,  but we also did our best to achieve an improvement in the  stock control as well as better  food security standards, product standardization and simplification in the management of suppliers. Therefore,  enhancing cost-effectiveness.

I am interested in VACinBAG's products. How I can place an order?

You are welcome to contact us by filling in our nostre form or sending us an email to info@vacinbag.comWe will be pleased to assist you on how to place a purchase order effectively.

Can I order other products different from the ones included in the catalogue?

VACinBAG Cooking Solutions is an open company that provides solutions to our customers. If you require a different product than the ones included in the catalogue, let us know and we will find the most convenient solution. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us your feedback! 

Which is the expiry date of VACinBAG products?

Our products are both vacuum-packed and frozen and have an average expiry date of 10 months. In section PRODUCTS,  each product is listed so you may check the exact expiry date.

I am a dealer and I would like to distribute your products. How can I become an official dealer?

You are wellcome to contact us by filling in our form or sending us an email to info@vacinbag.com address. We will be delighted to assess new opportunities!

How can VACinBAG products be implemented?

Our products provide a wide range of possible  applications. You may prepare your own dishes using our VACinBAG various meats, sauces and garnishes or you may first  use the piece of meat you decide to cook and then create your own customized sauce.

You can see video presentations about our products in the following Youtube channel:


How is the regeneration of our products best done?

In order to implement the product, it should be defrosted, then cut it according to the dish presentation and restore it according to the indications given in the product specification sheet. Some VACinBAG products require oven or a pan in  order to  bring optimum temperature and crunchy textures, occasionally.